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St. Augustine

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We stayed at Stagecoach RV park in St. Augustine. It was really the first place I called after looking at a few different ones online. I have to say the sites were long enough for the truck and the RV to stay attached, but, we got this awesome site that had a concrete pad and I wanted to make sure that when we walked out of the door we stepped on it and not the grass. From the parks that we have been used to staying in this one was average. The lady that checked us in was really friendly and helpful, but one of the ladies that was there when I asked about propane clearly wasn't used to a younger family being in the park. The guy that we got on the day we checked out was really nice too!

Everyone in the park was nice, there are some residents there that live along the outside edges, then they put the weekly people in the next rows and finally the overnight people get right in the middle. It was really nice that way because we kept our neighbors for a week and weren't dealing with people hooking up and unhooking 10 feet away from you. We chose this park because it was close to St. Augustine, but without the St. Augustine prices! We would come back and stay if we are in the area.

We drove the truck to St. Augustine and walked around the Fort. We didn't get to go in it because of the government shutdown, but that was OK. We rode the trolley around for a couple of days (very cold days!). The kids had a blast. We didn't go to a bunch of the historical sites like we had hoped, but we also didn't think that things were going to cost so much there. We did get to walk a bunch and had the best pizza ever! It's rated the 2nd best in the US, and it really was! We also had some cuban food and coffee of course and stopped for the kids to get gellato. They loved that too! We had a really nice trip and the kids learned a lot about history and some American government too.

We ate at Salt Life and it was wonderful, a little cool up on the rooftop area, but we were the only ones! We took the girls to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time and they picked sea shells. We brought them back for a craft. We did the normal stuff too like work and worries there :-)

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