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Las Vegas

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Not much to say. We pulled in the day before Hurricane Hilary hit. We just got light rain but the Mexican place was closed so we didn't get to try that. I made last minute plans for a driver to take us down the strip, have dinner at the Venetian and go to the top of the Strat.

That was totally worth it because the next day Kevin and I took the kids back to see the strip and the sphere, so we knew the secret places to park! It was cooler in Vegas than it normally is but man it was hot! The pool was closed for 3 of the 4 days we were there. So the girls were thrilled they finally got to swim the day before we left.

Oh, and Kevin shut our AC off to move the breaker. Apparently the two AC's were right next to each other on the electric panel, so as the breaker heated up from running constantly it would trip the breakers. So, by splitting them apart, they stayed cooler, and stopped tripping. Our next move with the AC's is getting them on different lines. Why they would put the most power hogs all on the same line seems stupid to me!

It was a good stop for us and we got to see the Hoover Dam which is why we stayed in Vegas. That's the next post!


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