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Kanarraville, UT

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The Kanarraville Falls trail in southern Utah was as exciting as it was beautiful! This hike required a permit that we had to obtain in order to hike the trail as it crossed indian tribal land. Only 125 permits are given out each day and if you get rained out you lose the permit and have to obtain another one for the next time you plan to go. We were very lucky that the day was perfect and we started our hike by leaving earlier in the morning around 7am. By doing this we were able to hike the first part of the trail without being in the direct sunlight and the other 118 people that booked that day.

This trail was unlike most trails we were used to in that most of the hike was done through the river and canyon. Toward the middle to end of the trail you get to the slot canyons and the first waterfall and have to climb a ladder / stairs to reach the top. The slot canyon was stunning between the vivid colors and the river flowing in-between, you couldn't help but stop and admire the beauty! The last two falls were unique in their own as the second falls you had to climb a boulder to keep going and the last of the falls, while not as spectacular as the first two you had to wade waist deep in water in order to see the third and final falls. See the video below of Kyle spider jumping the waist deep water so he doesn't get his pants wet!

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