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Sioux Falls

I liked Sioux Falls. When we first arrived, we weren’t really sure about the city because we saw first-hand a road rage incident. I really wish we still had our dash cam. We stayed at Lake Vermillion State Park and were just going to make the drive to Sioux Falls and to Mitchell, SD. The site at the park was super nice, very roomy and quiet. The best part, there weren’t any bugs. We could walk outside and not get bitten. We visited the Mitchell Corn Palace (that’s in a different post), and drove to see Sioux Falls Falls Park.

The falls were really nice and the grounds themselves were very kept up and had the best sidewalks. We ate lunch there and then I took the kids to the nearby disk golf course. The course was pretty good, better than some, but not the best we have been to. I think the downfall of the park was the teenagers who just put up a hammock wherever they feel like it and don’t move when you get close to them. We had to skip one hole and go around a few on some other holes.


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