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Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Labeled the Niagara of the West, I can see where it gets it’s name. When the waters are rushing, it would definitely look like Niagara. The falls were amazing. Again, more people than I thought, but it is a tourist destination. They have a walkway that goes further from the falls and we took that one for a little bit and then turned around. We couldn’t see the falls anymore and we weren’t really sure where it was leading us. Once we got back to the truck and started out of the park, I got service on my phone and found out where the trail went…to Evil Knievel's jump spot, which was next on our list to see anyways.

The ground is very sandy and dry here. Your feet are filled with dust even with shoes on. This trip I have opted for Earth runners, a very light weight sandal that can get wet and cleans easily. Bad side to that,,,,my feet get the dirtiest, LOL

The last place was the Perrine Bridge. When we got there, there were about 10 people packing up their parachutes. We knew we were in for a treat. We got to see 6 people base jump off the bridge!


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