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Sedona, AZ

It's beautiful in Sedona, but I feel like it's a bit commercialized. The red rocks make it absolutely amazing! The hiking is top notch and they are all pretty easy, at least the ones that we did. I didn't even need to dig the hiking pack back out for Jackson. The Chapel of the Holy Cross we had to see, as that was a top tourist attraction, and we are tourists!

The reason we came to Sedona area was to visit family that lives in Phoenix. The kids had a ball and got to ride the golf cart around the neighborhood, play pool and their slot machine. Jackson took to all of them like he had known them for years.

We were actually staying in Camp Verde, AZ, which was a bit south of Sedona. It was warm, but manageable. We played outside, and relaxed. The girls swam in the pool. And we visited Montezuma's Castle and Well while we were there. It was really neat to see the history there. The only thing I didn't care about was the possibility of rattle snakes and the poisonous plants you had to watch out for. Since they are right next to the walkway and Jackson tends to like to walk in the bushes, lol.

Our last day there we decided to try a brewery there called Verde Brewing. Apparently they have world famous Elote Nachos! Oh my! The beer was excellent. The nachos were amazing, so much so that we ran to the store the next day to get the stuff needed to make Elote Dip! And I made the dip into a pasta salad a couple of days later with the leftover ingredients. And let me tell you, Jackson loves his Mexican food! He eats all the crumbs, lol.

All in all this was a great stop and we were happy to have a place for the holiday weekend that was quiet!

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