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Grand Canyon, AZ

What a sight! We only got to see the south rim, and we weren't anywhere near the glass bridge overlook. I want to go back to see the north rim and horseshoe bend of course. It was truly breathtaking. Although, it did remind me a lot of the badlands, just much, much bigger. I can't wait to hike to Havasu Falls one day and down into the canyon and backpack with the kids. The road with all of the overlooks we couldn't get on with a private vehicle, it was by shuttle only. I knew Jackson wouldn't be able to do it and some people had to wait for up to 3 shuttles before they finally got on one (shuttles ran every 15 minutes). We have been pushing Jackson's patience on our way back east. He is very used to the slower pace and staying one place for a while and being outside as long as he pleases.

The first picture of the grand canyon that you see there is a zoomed in picture of a bridge from one of the hikes. It would take a couple of days for sure, but that trail goes from the south rim to the north rim. We stayed at the Grand Canyon Railroad RV park and actually it was pretty great. You could take the train to the grand canyon, the ride was almost 3 hours. Or you could drive there yourself, which is what we did and it took us about an hour. I knew Jackson wasn't at the age yet to sit on a train for that long.

The other pictures were from the viewpoints that we were allowed to get to with the truck, which I think kind of all look the same, just from different vantage points. It was a great experience and I hope that we can add to it one day!

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