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Salt Lake City, UT

The city is interesting. We stayed at the KOA in the city, and there is a lot of crime right there. So much so that the park actually tells you not to leave anything unattended outside. I think it would be easier and maybe more beneficial if they gated the park and provided security maybe. This is what they do at the KOA in Vegas for the same price each night.

My dad told me to go see the temple, and we did, but it was closed. Currently undergoing renovations for seismic strengthening. And speaking of seismic strengthening, we had a small earthquake near us while we were there. Small magnitude and we didn’t feel it. One night we had lighting and really bad thunder right near us, but no rain was around us! We visited the capitol building while we were there, beautiful building and not busy.

Since the temps were over 100 while we were there the girls got to use the pool one day while Jackson was napping. They enjoyed that for sure!

The last day there, we decided to go see the great salt lake. It's pretty dry, and we weren't about to walk the mile in the salt flats with the flies and heat just to see the lake up close. So I took a picture and zoomed in. We were going to head to the Bonneville Salt Flats, but we didn't want to drive the 2 hours it would take to get there because that meant 2 hours back. We have been pushing Jackson and the truck, asking a lot of them both.

The truck is doing good, we haven't hit any mountain passes yet that we struggled with, but with our next drive we will hit that one big one and with the temps as hot as they are outside, I'm sure we'll get a little warm. Next stop Park City and Heber!


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