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Provo/Springville, UT

Provo is beautiful! The drive from Heber to Provo was amazing! So many waterfalls to see on the side of the road. So many hikes and parks to visit, we didn’t even get to see them all. So, you know what that means...we need to go back, LOL We finally had In and Out Burger, it was the best fast food burger we’ve ever had. We went twice, the first time was the best, but I ordered extra spread on our second time there and I shouldn’t have. The extra spread caused the sandwich to be too mushy by the time we got back to eat it. We can’t wait, however, to go to the one in Vegas and while we're there we’ll try Jack in the Box to see which one we like better. The KOA we stayed at was as nice as a KOA can be, neighbors are still close enough you can’t put your awning out all the way. The neighbors behind us seemed to have locked their keys inside the camper because at 10:30pm one night it sounded like they were doing construction. I finally walked out, a bit after, because they had woken Jackson up. They were tearing apart the storage bay so they could shove their 4 year old through to unlock the door. Ah, the things you see camping! The neighbors to our front were nice and quiet, we met them one evening and Kevin had a lot in common with them and programming! So that was a nice treat that he doesn’t normally get. We did not visit the pool, this one was even smaller than the last and definitely busier. The arcade area was cool, although the girls didn’t go bowling, they did play a lot of pool with Kevin. There were a bunch of kids running around, jumping on the furniture and throwing the bean bag chairs, so it made the girls a little uncomfortable so they didn’t want to stay long.

We took a day and hiked to a hot springs. It was our very first hot springs and it was very hot. Too hot to get in on a 95 degree day. Jackson and I stuck our feet in, but that was the extent of us swimming in them. Oh, and they smelled like sulfur! Faith even wore her swimsuit, we had high hopes! There is everything you could ever want in the area and everyone was really nice. We stayed in Springville, just south of Provo and north of Spanish Fork. I already started looking at houses to rent for a couple of weeks so we can go back!

The day before we were supposed to leave we had a wasp issue, or so we thought they were wasps. The yellow jackets made a nest in the top of the awning arm! The only way to really get them was from the roof and we didn’t have spray. I walked down to the office to see if they sold any, and they didn’t, but the lady at the desk gave me her last bottle that we could use to kill them. Kevin first sprayed them from the ground, but it didn’t really work, so he climbed on the roof. Not much room if they attack, but it was better than having them keep building a nest. I am happy to say we left the next morning without wasps!


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