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Pictured Rocks, Michigan

This national park was so cool. It is beautiful for sure. If you do go, make sure you plan for multiple days because the weather can change dramatically and fast! We were hiking one minute and got a great clear picture of Castle Rock but you can see the fog in the background and it just rolled in and never left again. That was our only day to see the rocks and we were there for 4 days.

The chipmunks were curious and sometimes maybe a little too curious. Lunch was cold that day and very windy. We ended up staying in Christmas Michigan at Pictured Rocks RV Park. It was a decent stay, not as good as some other parks and definitely not as bad as the worst. There was a ton of dirt/sand as people rode the dune buggies around everywhere.

The hike to Castle Rock was almost 7 miles round trip, so it wasn't awful. Going out to the rock was beautiful and coming back was just a lot cooler. One thing I have not adapted to here in the north are the amount of mosquitoes! All I need to do is stand outside and I am covered in them. Even with bug repellent, they are awful. Jackson of course loved the hiking pack because I carried him, and he even took a little nap!

We got our park pass stamped and we are on our way to Wisconsin!


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