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Park City, Midway and Heber City, UT

The hills weren't as bad as we thought, but they are definitely getting steeper with each drive. Park City is very busy, and not exactly family friendly. I definitely think this would be a better stop if it was just a couple on vacation, and maybe a smaller car, LOL. The truck is a bit big for the area. And we can’t fit into the parking garages. The restaurants are very expensive and lacking servers, so there are long waits to sit down which wasn’t going to fly with an active toddler. The ice cream store was super tight for us to stand in line, but, the ice cream was great! And we stopped to grab some pastries as well!

We had to go to the grocery in Park City, which was an Amazon Fresh Market, so we googled how to use it before we walked in. The Walgreens store we almost missed because the words on the outside of the building were so tiny. And as with all cities out here that we have been to, they are doing a lot of construction.

Midway was neat. I wish we could have gotten into the Homestead Crater to swim, but they didn’t have any spots available. If we plan ahead maybe we can get in one day. The hiking there is abundant and beautiful. With the snow covered mountains in the background, this is a picture perfect area. All the people we encountered were nice, even on the roads.

Heber wasn’t what we expected. It was nice and people were friendly, but I thought they would have a main street like Park City did that we could walk down. We visited the Post Office there and even they were smiling and friendly. There are also a ton of hikes in the Heber area, so much so, you can’t do them all in the short amount of time we stayed in the area. We will have to come back and visit again, but with more time so we can hike and enjoy the outdoors!

We had a very bad storm the evening before we left, it actually blew one of our wheel chocks out! But, we survived and are chugging along!I can't believe that we only have 2 more months left before our trip is over! But we have some exciting trips coming up that we are looking forward to even though we'll be back on the east coast!


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