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Our Disney Trip

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

So, we decided that we would take the kids to Disney for doing so well and helping with each open house and showing. We pulled into Disney August 6th, the roads are tiny, the sites are good though. The guy across from us had to move his truck so we could get backed in. We didn't do much while we were there except visit the playground. The pool was 1/2 mile away, the boat dock was almost a mile away and there is not any parking for cars, just golf carts.  Kevin left Monday evening to take care of an emergency issue at a clients back in Pinellas County and was due back Wednesday night. I called him Wednesday because we kept losing power. It happened a few times, but the longest one lasted 10 minutes. For each 2 minutes the power was out the trailer temp went up a degree!

Thursday I took Sean to Disney Springs to walk around and see what has changed. I made a wonderful discovery that day...Oversize vehicle parking! I was in love! No one parks back there, the whole lot was practically empty. Thursday evening we got to see my Aunt and my cousin and his wife and kids. We had really nice conversations, good wine and a wonderful dinner. It was great catching up with family we haven't seen in a while and all of the kids did great playing with each other. And Hope somehow talked them into bringing a stuffed Ariel home. So, we will be doing sort of a where's Waldo, but with Ariel.

Friday we drove to St. Augustine and that was a trip and a half. Long story short, we stopped at an outlet mall to get Hope some underwear, I needed a phone charger, we needed lunch and we HAD to find a bathroom. Got all of it taken care of except for the phone charger. Do you believe that in the entire outlet mall not one place sold chargers for Android? I know, right!

Friday evening Kevin and I took the littles to Disney Springs. We walked around a few shops and then we picked up dinner and took it back to the trailer. It was really nice and again in the back lot in oversize parking and no one was there! That evening we surprised the kids with a horse drawn carriage ride. They had a blast. Saturday, Kevin and I got things ready to leave the next day. We were ready to go. It was just so hot and the kids didn't want to walk miles in the heat. We usually visited the playground each day and Diesel walked with us.

Sunday morning we headed out. Will we be back? I doubt it. We are used to friendly campgrounds and I have to say that the friendly people are the ones who work at Disney. The loop we were put in was very tiny for our size trailer. If we did go back, and that is a big if, we would request the 1400 loop or something similar. The older loops were tent loops to begin with and they added more concrete to each site to accommodate the bigger RV's.


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