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Mount Rushmore, SD

Mt. Rushmore was obviously on our to do list! We got there about 9:30 and the crowds really started to get thick by 10. At 9:45 they announced a flyover by F16's at approx 9:50. So, we waited, and waited. Because really, who doesn't want to see a couple of F16's fly over Mt. Rushmore, right? So, we ended up getting up from our seats at 10:20, I took everyone's picture and started to slowly walk away and there was the flyover, but not over the heads. It was way in the other direction and you could hardly see the one that was actually in the air, but he was being refueled, so that was cool to see. Not the flyover that anyone there had imagined, LOL.

I have to say that people kept telling us we will be under impressed with the monument because the heads are so small, but I think they were perfect. It was so cool to finally see it in person.

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