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Mount Airy (Mayberry)

The park that we stayed at, Mayberry RV Park, was really nice. My only complaint was that we didn’t have a picnic table at our site. Some sites had them, I would think that people staying a week would get them, I can understand about overnighters not having one. Although, they did reply to my review on Google and said all I needed was to ask for one at the front office, so that is good to know for next time! The fire pits were at the front of the RV, which was a little weird, but again, not all the sites were like that. They have 2 fishing ponds, and shelters that you can spend time at. They had a nice playground with a swing for the parents to relax and watch the kids.

The temps were hot here, I say hot because the RV stays about the same temp inside as it is outside (in the summer). So when it’s 86 outside it’s about 84 inside. We are not a 4 season RV, we are only 3 season but winterized. So, we can go below freezing temps and won’t freeze, but the heat kills us! Good point to note if you are looking into an RV…make sure you get a 4 season package!

The town of Mayberry was not what I expected. My Hollywood mind must be in the clouds because I expected the old time town with benches that old people sit on and wave to you. Yes, I imagine more than I should. Main Street itself was nice, but shops were close together and most were closed. We did pass benches but they weren’t filled with old guys waiting on their wives, or old women wearing big hats. The city jail was closed, which is inside of a hair salon, so we never saw that. Wally’s Service station was very cute and just how I pictured it, with old cop cars outside, two old men sitting on a bench talking, the old fashioned gas pumps and a little store. That is how I pictured the whole town. We did get to eat at Walker’s Malt Shoppe, it was really neat and had great food.

We went by the largest open faced granite quarry in the world. It was neat to see all the machinery in action for sure and the kids took home a piece of rock. We didn’t go to the museum, but still enjoyed listening to the kids talk about “Barney Fife” and how he was on the “Apple Dumpling Gang” and others. Yes, we have old movies for them and they love them!

All in all, we would come back, but not in the summer, it’s too hot for us.

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