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Mercier Orchards

Since we are members of Harvest Hosts, we have access to many different wineries, breweries, farms and golf courses for us to stay at for free with our membership. We have tried using it before, but didn’t work out because it was too hot and we couldn’t get the generator running (South Georgia in the middle of June). Now, we have solar, but still can’t run the air conditioner with it, so we stay places that are cooler. It got a little cool during the night, but we stayed pretty comfortable with the furnace running and the batteries were able to power the fan.

Mercier Orchards exceeded our expectations for our first Harvest Host spot! The view was absolutely wonderful, and we got to enjoy some apple cider and we picked up some apple butter at Kyle’s request. We did a cider tasting, which was wonderful as well and we enjoyed it on their outside patio. A walk around their lake was really relaxing until Hope ran through the mud, lol. We went back to the RV, fixed the kids’ dinner and they got to have a picnic outside. After they ate, we played a board game and got them ready for bed. We put up tents in their room so they could have the battery operated lights inside all night.

Kevin and I got our dinner ready and we enjoyed it outside at sunset, which was absolutely stunning! It was so very peaceful. We had some neighbors that pulled in around 6pm that ran their generator all night, but they were far enough away that it didn’t bother us inside the RV. We got to wake up to the sounds of geese in the lake in the morning. We got to have breakfast and coffee in our French press for the first time in a long time! We took our time getting up and moving since there wasn’t a certain time that we needed to be out of there. We would definitely stay here again and if anyone is interested in joining Harvest Hosts, here is a link for 15% off for you to join:

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