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Mall of America

Upon arriving at the mall we kind of all had the same idea about it, because there were letters missing on the sign. But, once inside, the stores also had letters missing. We shrugged and made our way to the center amusement park. Sean and Kyle rode one ride while we were waiting on the Pepsi Streak. The girls agreed on that roller coaster. Their first, buy the way! They did great and only cried a little. Since we were celebrating two birthdays that day. We let them get some shopping done with their birthday money. Of course Faith wanted the Disney store and Lego's, and Kyle, just Lego's. So we decided to eat lunch first since we didn’t want to carry bags around. We settled on the Hard Rock and kids eat free on Tuesdays. Added bonus! After a decent lunch (Hope had the best one!), we went to the stores so the kids could pick out their presents. On the way out, we finally figured out the missing letters. It was part of awareness for the blood drive they were having. Interesting way of advertising.

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