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Jackson, Minnesota (Fort Belmont)

So we were supposed to stay at a Harvest Hosts in Jackson, Minnesota called Fort Belmont, the problem was it was WAY to hot outside to not have AC. So instead we decided to book a campground near Fort Belmont and then go visit them while we were there. Fort Belmont has such history surrounding the earlier settlers and the fort they built to protect over 60 people from an indian attack.

All those people were held up in a tiny little cabin with a large wall around them to protect them from the indians. A lot of the items on the grounds were moved there from a short distance away to collectively have everything in one area. There were lots of other historical items there are well including the family who homestead there through the years after the settlers.

Their original sod house was there and then the "normal" house they built much later to live in. There was an old drug store with drugs in bottles that have never been opened since the 1800's, still sealed. Ken "the guy below in the red shirt" was one of the new owners and care takers of this location and he showed us around the place including all the old original cars he has brought back to life all by himself. We also got to learn how Ford, Lincoln, Chevrolet and GM all got started. Ken was a wealth of information and so willing to share his collections, stories and memories with the public. What a wonderful place and we thoroughly enjoyed out time there!


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