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Glacier National Park

Two words to describe this park....



I got up Friday morning and booted the computer ready to get tickets to Glacier and the "Going To The Sun Road". I got them, thank goodness! I don't know how long they lasted, but we got in. The tickets were good for 3 days, so, we could go Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

We stayed at the RV on Saturday and did grocery pickup and filled up with gas and stuff. We decided Sunday would be a better day for the park. I am really glad we went Sunday because the construction crew didn't work Sundays! Otherwise they said to expect an hour delay.

I was so excited to get to see Lake McDonald, but we didn't get to, except to drive by. The construction had the entire road next to the lake torn up and the pull off's were blocked off. It was all dirt, sprayed with water to keep the dust down so now it was mud! The first half hour of the drive was that. Once past the Avalanche area it was a normal road and the views were stunning!

There wasn't really anywhere to park to do hikes unless you wanted to keep circling the parking lots, so we took pictures of what we could and kept driving. The entire road is 50 miles and is very curvy with a small rock "guardrail" on the cliff side and jagged rocks on the other side sticking into the road on occasion. We drove most of the 50 miles. We did get to stop at a few view point though so that was pretty cool.

We stopped at Sun Point, approximately 40 miles inside the park. There were two parking spots left so we parked, ate lunch and then went on our hike to the falls. It was an easy mile and a half.

We did stop to take Jackson out of the truck so we could get his picture in front of Jackson Glacier!

We didn't see any bears, or snakes, but we did get to see one deer. He was crossing the stream where we were playing after the hot hike. That was one thing, I didn't think it got that hot up here. But it was pushing 85/90 while we were hiking. It just makes the waterfalls and creeks that much more enjoyable. Beautiful for sure!!!

And a side note... I own a Pixel 6 Pro android phone which has a people erase feature, that's the ONLY reason this place doesn't look busy, LOL!!!

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