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Girl's Lamps

I said back when we were in Erie, PA that I would share the craft idea that we had while sitting in South Shore Winery. They had the cutest bottles and honestly the best wine! They let us take home some of the empty bottles to make these for the girls. It has taken a while to gather the supplies needed since we don't have Amazon readily available to us, but we have finally gotten them done!

Back at the house I used to make lamps with old liquor bottles, but they had shades on them of course. Now that we are in an RV, we can't really do lamp shades and we wanted something easy on the solar system that is installed. The girls tend to leave lights on wherever they have been, so I don't really want something that just plugged in.

We came up with the battery powered fairy lights! And I picked up tissue paper, so slowly but surely, here they are....

The girls love them and use them in the evening before bed. We also have a bottle that has a fairy on it and one with a dragon. They are pretty cool!

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