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Gateway Arch, St Louis MO

The Gateway Arch was beautiful! To get over to the arch, rather than driving our huge truck, we called security at the Casino and they drove us over to the base of the metro station and from there we walked across the pedestrian bridge over to the arch. Once we arrived at the arch we bought our tickets for the 11:15am tram to the top. After going through security, which was fun because Hope had never encountered anything like this before. When it came her time to walk through the metal detector she was not having it!

She did reluctantly go through once I had proceeded through so she could just walk to me. Once underground there is a whole history museum and gift shop with tons and tons of things related to the history of St. Louis and the building of the arch. It kind of reminded me of a train or nice subway system in New York City. Once our wait was up we proceeded to the line to board the tram to the top. Word of warning...if you are claustrophobic do not ride on the tram. It is a very small round cart that starts out moving sideways and then moves vertical to almost 600 feet in the air.

Oh, and by the way they use glass doors to the pods so you can see as you go up from the inside. Once at the top you climb a small set of stairs to a viewing area where you can look out over St. Louis Missouri AND on the other side East St. Louis Illinois. We could see our RV from the top and Melissa timed the entire trip just right because once we got to the top the geyser in Illinois that goes off every day at noon and only at noon only lasts for a total of 10 minutes, and we got to see it. Now that was planning! If you have never been to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis I would highly recommend seeing it at least once because it is a marvel in design and engineering.

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