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Frickson Family Farm, Dakota, MN

This was a Harvest Host stop for one night. They were great and had electric and water for us as an upgrade. They have a black angus/jersey cattle farm. The meat was excellent, but not as good as what we are used to at Walnut Hollow! I have been carrying a few filets around with us so we can compare along the way, LOL. We cooked one of Walnut Hollows and one of theirs. The tenderness and juiciness were exactly the same, however, Walnut Hollows had better flavor.

They had heritage pigs, goats and free range chickens. The girls had fun playing with their kids on the trampoline and Jackson found a new friend too...the farm cat!

We tried a local wine from Lost Island Wine, it wasn't bad. We have figured out that if trying a wine up here, you better make it a moscato since they are sweeter and the wines now are getting more tart.

Next stop.....history!


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