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Dueling Grounds Distillery, KY

The Dueling Grounds Distillery was our second boondocking location on our way to St, Louis and our spot for the night was in the gravel parking lot next to the distillery. At this point I (Kevin) was still not feeling wonderful however we did manage to be able to get everything setup and ready for that night and then we decided to head into the distillery to see what they had to offer. The place was really nice, very well kept and filled with little memorabilia type signage from the surrounding area. They had a nice area for sitting down to have a cocktail and just chat for a while. We decided to do a tasting and they had a few different bourbon's as well as 3 different fruit liquors.

After our tasting we got a couple of cocktails from the bar. Melissa got a Strawberry Mint Old Fashioned (specially designed by the bar tender for Mothers Day) and I got a Maple Old Fashioned. Melissa's Strawberry Old Fashioned was absolutely amazing and a MUST TRY if you ever stop by this location, hint: it's not on the menu! We also took a tour of the distillery while drinking our cocktails from the bar and learned a bunch of interesting things about how bourbon is made and the laws around making it. If you are ever in Franklin, KY this place is a must try!

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