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Casey Jones Distillery, KY

Arriving at the Casey Jones Distillery we were greeted by AJ, Casey Jones' grandson and master distiller. He showed us where we could park our RV which sat atop the hill on their property overlooking the distillery and disc golf course they had just setup the day before we arrived. After setting up we went to check out the distillery while Sean and Kyle played a couple holes on the disc golf course outside our RV. In the distillery we sampled all their various moonshines as well as a few moonaritas. What's a moonarita, we'll in this case, they are a mixture of their base clear moonshine and different kinds of fruit along with Jose Cuervo.

We also took a tour of the distillery but because it was Sunday their bar was closed so we weren't able to have a cocktail but that was just fine. That day we checked in there was a wedding going on so after this was over we walked the property so see all that they had done with it. In the back behind the distillery AJ dug out an enormous pond on which one end is a giant man-made waterfall pumping 175 gallons a minute from the lake, down the falls and back into the lake. The property is beautiful and the hosts AJ and his wife Peg were just amazing. Out front they built a dog house from one of their moonshine barrels for their dog rosie, very cute!

This is a must see place because words and pictures just don't do it justice. Everything here was built by the owners by hand and their labor of love it apparent in all that they do.

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