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Cathead Distillery, Jackson Mississippi

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

The Cathead Distillery in Jackson Mississippi was a cool place!  It is the only distillery in the entire state of Mississippi.  The liquor laws in Mississippi still date back to prohibition era regulations.  WOW!  In order to even try the liquor you must take the tour which includes a tasting.  Very strange seeing as how we have been to many different distilleries around the country and had yet to encounter anything like this.

The place itself is very family friendly...even for the family dog!  They have lots of board games to keep the kids occupied as well as a cute little shop where they sell glasses and bottles of their product.  They not only bottle, barrel and store their Bourbon on site but they also do Vodka and Gin.  Now, I am not a Gin person myself but this is the first place I have ever had a Gin and actually liked it!  Not like most Gin's out there and this place has made a very special product.

If your ever staying or passing through Jackson Mississippi this is certainly a place to stop and see.  Oh, and they ONLY sell their Vodka outside their distillery at places like Total Wine.  Their bourbon is only sold at the Distillery.

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