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Custer State Park, SD

This park is so beautiful that is almost like you are just looking at a bunch of pictures! Sylvan lake was picturesque. The needles highway was awesome! People were telling us good luck before driving through and looking at our tire on to of the truck, LOL.

We drove through the park on two different days. Each day was absolutely wonderful. There are so many hiking trails and since we had Jackson we really didn't get to do many of them. The short ones were strenuous and I can't rock climb with Jackson on my back. We did a couple of 2 mile ones which was a nice change of pace and got us out. The black hills are beautiful and on the hikes you could really smell the pines!

It seemed like the trip went really fast even though we were there for 5 days. Rapid City is on our top list for sure! Besides the hail we got one day, the area has everything you could ever need. The supply of different meat is amazing, the people at the Ford dealership and all the stores we went to were super nice. And I can't get enough of the Chocolate Cheese!!!! It tastes just like fudge :-)


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