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Chamberlain, SD

The city itself is really small, the rest areas are beautiful. We were able to visit the Dignity Statue yet again. So, a little background for those new to following us....

Back in 2019 we were in Chamberlain, SD on exactly the same day, June 20th, when we received a call that Kevin's grandmother was put into hospice. We regrouped and turned around and left the next day on June 21 headed for St. Petersburg, Florida.

So, fast forward to June 20, 2023, our check engine light came on while running an errand. Here we go again, we can't leave. Kevin got the error code for the light and called the Ford dealership in town to have the part replaced. The service department got bad reviews, so Kevin elected to get the part and replace it himself. For those that want to know, the part that went bad was the Crank Case Ventilator (CCV), and there is an active recall on these parts, however, only if the truck is less than 11 years or have under 120k miles. We are definitely less than 11 years, but we have just over 140k miles. What can we say, we like to travel, LOL!

Kevin did a great job and on July 21, 2023 we were finally heading west!

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