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Cedar Point, Ohio

May 29th, 2023

We're finally at Cedar Point!!! We decided to stay on property so we don't have to park and move the truck! We are celebrating Kyle's 16th Birthday. Site 419 is beautiful and we didn't even have to pay for a lake view The only downside to this time of year here... There are a ton of Mayflies and the air smells like dead fish!

We hung out at the site for a couple of days before we hit the park. There is a walking trail that goes all the way around the water park and we can see some of the coasters too. We are already tiring out the baby. The mayflies are pretty bad and the seagulls are huge!

Cedar Point, Ohio. Day 1. We all had a blast!

We love Famous Dave's seasoning, so of course we had to try out the restaurant! It was good, but honestly nothing to write home about. The fried pickles we weren't expecting to be spicy but they use hot pickles. The burnt ends were not crispy. The ribs were pretty good, but we've had better. The nachos were nachos, lol. And it was expensive! Stupidly expensive!

Cedar Point Ohio Day 2. We let Kyle go by himself to do all the coasters again so Kevin could ride with the girls. And Jackson had enough the first day, he wasn't impressed the second day. Did a ton of walking, got way too much sun but we had a lot of fun!

It was nice to have a day scheduled just to re-coop from all of the fun.

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