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Casino Queen, East St Louis IL

So checking in at the Casino Queen was a new one for us. We have never stayed at a Casino before, in a hotel, let alone an RV park. The RV park is basically a giant parking lot behind the Casino, however, it is gated and patrolled 24-7 by security. Our view the first day we pulled in was spectacular. You could literally lean over, look out the windows, and see downtown St. Louis with the Gateway Arch and all!

Later the next day we had a class A park in the spot next to us so our view was a little obscured but that's OK. The temps are hot here, like Florida hot! I think one day it was 100 outside. A night after we arrived we had a bad storm come through and man was it scary. The whole RV was rocking back and forth from all the wind and I could have sworn there was going to be a tornado all though they were not calling for any warnings.

Everything turned out fine that next morning but it was a very late night for most of us. Staying at the Casino we have amenities like using the fitness room and pool over at the hotel and boy have the kids utilized that one! We went to the pool with them almost every day we were there just so they could cool off and wind down a little. Melissa and I took one evening and went over to the Casino and we took each to spend. I kind you not, Melissa had not even put in .50 cents to play and she had already won and some change. So people can be so lucky!

Me, well the good news is I didn't lose anything but I didn't win much more than about . While we were here we went over to see the Gateway Arch, but more on that in separate post. I do have to say that out of all the big cities we have been to St. Louis by far has been the nicest. People here are very friendly, considerate and seem to be that way everywhere we went.

A couple days before we left we extended our stay for 2 days but we decided to move spots to the very front space so no RV could obstruct our view of the city and the arch. It was beautiful and we enjoyed every moment of it. Because of all the rain the Mississippi river was flooding and the day just before we left the river crested to 42 feet which was quite a bit higher than they were calling for. The last flood gate was closing the day we left and they were concerned the levies were not going to hold. Only time will tell there but we high tailed it out of there and moved on to our next location. St Louis was an amazing adventure and we can't wait to return when we have more time to explore!

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