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Boondocking Again!

We stayed at a church one night. It was quiet I suppose, but I am glad we weren't the only ones there that night! And there was a great coffee shop across the street for morning! I didn't get any pictures of the parking lot, LOL.

The second night we stayed at a highland cattle farm. It was cute, but we stayed there to buy chicken, honey and the stuff her profile said she had available. Unfortunately, while the views were great, we had to leave a donation since she didn't really have anything because the store is not set up yet. The highland cows were cute, but there were only two. They did have a new calf they bought that they were bottle feeding. Jackson still knows no fear when it comes to cows and he just ran straight towards the cow and cows are curious so it was walking to him too. I sped walked over between them, because I knew if I ran it would spook the cow. She was cute, and the girls loved feeding her. They had a couple of steer there as well as chickens, goats, pigs and sheep.

The only downside to all of this was the heat! It was nearly 85 in the RV, and Jackson is our polar bear and hates the heat. He has also turned into a small camel in this arid climate! But, he still had fun running around and getting wet in the sprinklers.

And I finally got my picture....our Montana in Montana!!


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