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Hammerstein Brewing Co, Largo FL

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We met a friend of ours at Hammerstein Brewing Co in Largo, Florida.  Hammerstein is a fairly new brewery on the scene but has done a great job with the decor and space.  We selected a stout, because you know we love dark beer.  The beer was called smores and it had a hint of the sweet dessert.

Since they are new to the scene they are still working on building up their own beers on tap.  Currently they have more beers from other breweries than they do their own however the selection is good.

The staff was very friendly and they do allow children and dogs as well.  The bathrooms sinks were very one they used the top half of a keg and in the other half of the keg length-wise and turned sideways to make the sink bowl.  If your in the area check out Hammerstein Brewing!

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