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Escalante, Utah

What can I say about Escalante, it was magical. The entire place has a piece of my heart that I had to leave there. I even went as far as to look for property there. There was only one place and no one would call us back about it, so it wasn’t the right time or place for us.

The canyons are beautiful, the hikes were very hot, but amazing. The water was cool, the food was absolutely excellent and the people were some of the nicest that we’ve ever met on our travels so far! The town was small, almost 800 people, although you wouldn’t know that if you drove through town, seems more like 200. The grocery store is really expensive compared to what we have been paying. I paid .99 cents a pound for bananas that were extra ripe. I found out they get their shipments in on Mondays and that’s when you go get the fresh stuff!!

The kids do great at hiking all the time, although, I’m a bit slow with Jackson on my back. LOL. The trails are out in the open and very hot. In fact, one trail that we did, we brought the river back all the way. A lot longer, but oh so much cooler! We only did that because All Trails said that you could, otherwise we wouldn’t have attempted it!

Let’s talk about the food….There was a coffee house there, Kiva Koffehouse., they had great coffee and they even have a little cabin you can rent as well. The views, the coffe and the food were amazing!And again, they were just super nice. The Mexican place in town, Chihuahua Garcia Mexican Grill, we went to twice. They were so good, especially the quesabirria tacos. The kids loved the carnitas street tacos. The last place was called Escalante Outfitters, I had read reviews of their pizza, and they were pretty good, so we thought we’d check them out. OMG!!! We ate there nearly every day that we weren’t at the Mexican place. Kevin and I even had lunch there one day while Jackson was sleeping. The desserts were incredible as well! Everyone was really nice and definitely got to know Jackson by the time we left.

Before we left we got to see the meteor shower, it was magical being in a dark sky area and actually get to see it! We never get to see stuff like that at home. Maybe that’s why we fell in love with it so much, the area was close to a ton of stuff. All we had to do was drive an hour and we could be some place that looked totally different. I know we will find interesting places to stay and live, it’s too bad we can’t live each place we love for one month of each year. So, we could have 12 favorite places! I may narrow it down to 6 favorites and stay 2 months at a time, LOL

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