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Big Beach Brewing, Orange Beach AL

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We have been to quite a few breweries and few stand out like this one.  Big Beach not only has some very unique and distinctive beers they make up seasonally but they have their standard lineup as well, although standard would not do them justice.  Each beer is carefully hand crafted by an exceptional staff which shows in their quality.

This December they have just tapped a tiramisu / coffee flavored stout (as seen in the pics).  If you love dark beers then this one is a must try!  It was fantastic and full of flavor hitting those coffee notes just perfectly.  Big Beach also does live bands each week and usually has a line up of wonderful musicians.

Big Beach brewing is also a great place to meet new friends or just have a great conversation.  So whether your looking for a great beer, some camaraderie then Big Big Brewing is the place to be.  Come visit and see for yourself!

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