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Walnut Hollow Ranch

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

This was a Harvest Host stop that turned into so much more! I called and spoke with Charlie, the owner, and decided to upgrade our boondocking with full hookups for 2 nights. We arrived on a Friday, the property was immaculate, quiet and beautiful. We talked on Saturday and decided to stay for a whole week!

We had some friends that came to the area to house shop and decided to surprise us with a visit. We love making friends for this reason! It was such a nice surprise and on our birthday week too, made it even more special.

Walnut Hollow Ranch has a small campground on the property. Some sites are next to a lake, complete with picnic tables and a couple of chairs (those are the cover picture on our Facebook page right now). We had a full hookup site that was on concrete and over looked the cattle that are on the property. He has one horse that the girls fell in love with and a donkey as well. It was so peaceful in the mornings to hear the animals instead of traffic. I also have to think we were the loudest things on the property just talking.

We took walks, did school outside, visited the animals, walked some more, found wild onion, beautiful flowers and of course got a lot of work completed. The nearest town is about 5 minutes down the road, but we didn’t have cell service there. So, we mainly went to Murphy where we had service with T-Mobile. At the ranch, we had Verizon service, which was very fast.

Walnut Hollow Ranch raises grass fed Black Angus cattle. We decided to treat ourselves to filets for our birthdays and it was definitely worth it. Charlie’s prices were very reasonable and the meat is absolutely wonderful. They were the best filets that we’ve ever had. He also ships, so, if you’re interested I’ll post his link below! We even bought more meat before we left for North Georgia. We can’t wait to visit again!

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