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Tomorrow Stars RV Resort, Springfield, OH

This was a nice RV Park that was close to family when we needed it. It is located east of Springfield and was close to Walmart. We had full hookups, so we didn’t need the bathhouse, but we did have a peek at it. The bathrooms and the laundry room were very clean. The people staying at the park that we were around were permanent residents, or at least seasonal with no intention of moving anytime soon. They were very nice and welcoming though. There were not too many kids in the park during the day, but I imagine that is because they were at school.

We came to visit Ohio again for a memorial service for my Uncle. Last time we stayed at one of my Uncle’s houses on his land, but this year they had so much rain that the ground was too soft for us to park there. We found the park by recommendation from a neighbor of an aunt of ours. While we were here we visited our first sunflower field and the kids loved it. We all had a blast that day!

Tuesday we went to my aunt’s house, got some laundry done and then went out to dinner. Our first taco Tuesday! It was great.

The rest of the week was quiet since we were doing school and catching up on work. On Thursday, I left with the girls to go get my mom at the Columbus airport. We had a nice drive and got to see downtown, which was spectacular! We had a great dinner and then went to the hotel to check in. The boys stayed with Kevin and watched movies and had candy and cookies. Friday morning we checked out of the hotel and went on a short walk to see Indian Run Falls, it was pretty for sure. After that we went and picked up lunch and we took it to Aunt Marylin’s. Yep, we got to see Aunt Marylin again!

Saturday was the memorial service and it was beautiful. It was great to see everyone again. After the service, we had lunch and then went to the park next door to the church. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins. After all of that we went to my aunt’s house to visit a bit more with other aunts and uncles.

Sunday one of my sisters had a get together for all of the aunts and uncles at her house. It was originally supposed to be an anniversary party for mom and dad, but since dad couldn’t make the trip to Ohio, she changed it to a gathering for everyone. She had a bouncy house for the kids and they sure did love that!

Monday we lost water connection, no warning at all. I drove to the front office in the rain and she said that they were repairing a water line. Oh, ok, I wasn’t aware we were going to be without water. She just replied, “Yep, they don’t give us much notice”. I also found it strange that there was no boil water notice issued for the repair, but maybe they don’t need those in Ohio? We went to lunch with mom and Aunt Connie at Frisch’s! Finally! It was a nice visit, but a sad goodbye leaving everyone.

We got back home, did some schoolwork and spent the next day packing up so we could leave. Had one person complain about two trucks parking in front of the RV, even though we had been parked there for over a week the same way. All in all it was a really nice trip.


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