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Staying at a Chevy Dealership with our Ford!

Stopped overnight at a harvest host! First ever car dealership! It was a bit tight finding a place to fit but Kevin did great! Got a decent night sleep and we are on our way to Pennsylvania the next day. Hopefully the rain stops and it gets sunny because we need to charge our batteries!

It was a good stop. Very well lit, parking was tight. We struggled for sure! Definitely for smaller rigs with the amount of cars they had in the back. Only one issue while we were there which was a worker in a red truck kept beeping his horn with his keyfob half way through the parking lot and smirking whole way walking to his truck (we were parked a couple of spots away from him). He woke our baby up, it was just before 7, but other than that it was a great stay! Road noise isn't that bad and they have cameras in the parking lot.

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