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Erie, PA

I'm going to group this one all together too! It's easier to have a longer post than to have multiple short ones.

We hit up the KOA in Erie to dump tanks, catch up on laundry and dishes. The staff was super nice and the work-campers there had a son, so the girls had someone to play with while we were there. The grounds were well maintained and we got a great tip about keeping mice out...any holes that you have in the underbelly you should cover with chicken wire. That way the mice don't get up in there. This guy put steel wool and everything but he still got them. So, he put out some poison, the kind that makes them want water and they chewed through his water lines in the RV.

Our next stop was South Shore Winery. This place was wonderful! The staff was so great just to talk to and the wine was absolutely excellent. All of it! They even gave us empty bottles that I could make lamps with for the girls. I'll show those in another post.

And no trip would be complete without something going wrong, am I right? So at the boondockers place in Buffalo the truck sounded funny starting, but still started. So, we drove to the KOA and parked the truck, the next morning it struggled to start. So, when we got to the winery we left the truck run until we could get into town to get new batteries. Although, the Batteries Plus store in Erie left a lot to be desired. Even Kevin said that is it was something other than batteries we probably would have walked out. They didn't think they had batteries that could help us and then the other guy didn't even want to install them.

Our last stop was a boondocker in Norwalk, OH for Memorial Day weekend. So, we got out Jackson's climbing gym to keep him away from the bugs outside. And Kevin removed all of our Mapshocked stickers off the truck and RV as well. That is a story also for another post!

On our way to Cedar Point now!!

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