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Point Pleasant, WV

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

What can we say about Krodel RV Park? They are super close to our friends that live there, the staff is great, the guy we parked next to was super nice and had a friendly dog, they had a very nice lake there and an awesome playground. The downfall…the live in residents, you know… the ones with no consideration for quiet hours at night and the ones who went to work at 4am (I know, they have to work!). And of course…….the train that operates 24/7!

It was great experiencing the small town. We ate at Cornfed’s Smokehouse and Grill. The buffalo fries tasted a bit broiler burnt and the smoked meat for the BBQ dishes were really dry. Sean had the ribs, which were extremely fatty. Kevin had the pulled pork, which had decent flavor, but very dry. I had the smoked brisket, which I think was the best BBQ at the table. The kids got burgers which didn’t really look like kids portions and we took half of each one home, but they were amazing!

We had a very nice evening with our friend, Loretta, her husband Shane couldn’t make it as he was out of town. After our visit we went to watch the sunset on the lake. Saturday we went into Gallipolis, OH and walked the river there, drove through town and met Loretta at the Shake Shack. We loved it there, 50’s style, they have a good burger and really good ice cream. Our dear friend gave us some amazing spaghetti sauce (we’ve been waiting 3 years!). After lunch we headed to the Point Pleasant side of the Ohio River and walked the small trail they have there to go see the train tracks up close. The kids loved the outing.

That evening we started packing up, and with the train going by 3 times before bed we couldn’t wait to leave the next morning. We like the city, and the park was nice, but we aren’t train people. Next time we’ll find a park that is close by, but no train.

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