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McMinnville, Tennessee

We got to spend a week here in the middle of Tennessee! We stayed with some friends from high school who have a farm up there. They just moved up a couple of years ago and have done so much to the property, it looks beautiful! It was great seeing them since we haven’t been able to see them in a few years. They have 6 kids who are about the same age as our 3 littles. We had a successful week of complete boondocking and this was our big test before we head out west. We survived the whole week on 40 gallons of water in our fresh tank and we already know that we can safely go 10 days on our black tank without pushing the limits.

The kids had a blast playing together and the dogs got along fairly well. Candy did great, but Diesel was his normal self. The weather was beautiful and only rained one day while we were there. We had a wonderful dinner out at DJ’s pizza, complete with pizza and the best desserts! Our friends fixed dinner a couple of nights while we were there and we even got to roast hot dogs over the fire and finish them off with s’mores! The kids were thrilled.

We went hiking at Rock Island State Park and got to see a spring house and an old cotton mill. There is so much wonderful history in this area for sure! I’m sure with more exploring time we could have seen a lot more, but it was great just to have a down week and let the kids play with other like-minded kids. Hope got to collect eggs and Kevin and I got to help with the lambs. Friday night was game night and we had a blast and even learned new card games that we have now incorporated into our game nights.

We were supposed to go to Easter service with them, but Kyle woke up sick and throwing up all night, we decided to just stay and stream church service. Sunday afternoon was relaxing and Kevin enjoyed skeet shooting that afternoon. We all shared Easter dinner together as our final meal before we were set to leave the next day. We got all hooked up and headed out, a very uneventful, but long trip. We had a blast and can’t wait to go back and maybe spend another week.

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