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Kickapoo Winery

We arrived at the Kickapoo Winery but this was the first time we have shown up at a Harvest Hosts where we called to make plans to stay there but we never heard back from them. We decided to go anyway hoping that we would not be turned away. Come to find out, after we arrived we went in to let them know and they said, yes, we received your message but they were out of the office so we did not get a call back. Whew, what a relief! Now we weren't scrambling to find somewhere else to go. After setting up we decided to go up and try some of their wines and we were delightfully surprised at how wonderful they were.

The hostess serving the wine was just as pleasant and informational about the wines we were trying. Normally we are dry wine drinkers however their sweet wines there were like none other we have had. We ended up taking a bottle of their Rose wine to the patio out back to drink and then we left with a bottle of their dry Red October, which by the way, was fantastic. We setup our RV in their south parking lot and we had another Harvest Host with us there to spend the night. The weather was beautiful with temps in the mid 70's and lows in the low 60's. We enjoyed our time there and would definitely recommend this winery to anyone going through Edwards, Illinois near Peoria.

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