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Cedar Valley Winery

Cedar Valley Winery was a very nice, quiet little winery tucked back off a dirt / gravel road. The place where we parked our RV was across the street from the winery in their vineyard. After pulling in and talking with one of the owners we were shown where we could park and were given options of a couple different locations with the vineyard across the street being the quietest and most secluded. We decided to opt for the vineyard and after setting up we walked across to the winery to try their wines. This particular time they were low on their wine selection and so we really only had 2 types to choose from.

Since we are typically dry wine drinkers they only had a dry of their white and red and then a semi-sweet of a dry and red. Normally they had a lot more to choose from but they were having some issues with their bottling process at the time. After the tasting Melissa and I got a bottle of their dry white and took it out to their patio to sit and talk for a while. This time of the year bugs are bad in Iowa, well really everywhere, but the nats seemed to be especially bad so sitting outside in the shade was a bit fun. The weather itself was actually nice and not too hot and that evening it really cooled off and we were actually chilly inside the RV. Each winery we visit we have enjoyed learning and seeing their differences and this one was no different.

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