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Hill Prairie Winery

So after St Louis we headed out for a 3 day boondocking winery adventure and ended up at Hill Prairie Winery in Oakford, Illinois. After setting up we pulled out the generator to run the fridge for a while before we headed up to the winery and low and behold it would not stay running again! Sean once again stepped in and said he would fix it while Melissa and I went up to the winery and tried their wines. Luckily we have a backup so we started up the solar and ran the fridge for a little more than an hour while we were up at the winery and Sean worked on the generator. The solar worked beautifully and we didn't even use a drop of our battery power. Up at the winery we tasted multiple wines they had to offer and each one was wonderful and they were some of the best tasting wines we have had in a while.

If you are ever in the area and are looking for a great winery, stop here. They have a Peach Sangria that literally tastes like your eating a fresh peach, no joke! Once we finished our tasting Melissa and I sat down to a glass of the Peach Sangria while we talked. When we returned to the RV, Sean was just finishing up the generator and we had our moment of truth... would the generator now work and power the fridge? Well without a doubt, Sean fixed the generator and we were able to run our fridge that evening without any issues. Thank you Sean!!! The rest of the evening we caught up on some work, school ,etc. Such a wonderful winery and genuinely nice staff. If we are every passing through the area again we will certainly be stopping again.

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