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Freezing Pipes and Weather

So winter finally arrived and unlike last year we were not as prepared for it. For those that don't know see our post on Cashiers last winter. This year we did not skirt the RV so our winterized RV, while staying warm inside and in the underbelly, didn't do so well with the exposed pipes for the Kitchen and Bathroom plumbing. I had to take my kobalt heat gun out and thaw the pipes just so we could open the valves.

On the positive side though we learned a lot about last winter in the RV with moisture and mildew and I can say that this year we successfully had no issues with this. The kids and the dogs love the snow and we got 3 snowfalls this year, with one being 6 inches! I know, for some that doesn't sound like a lot but it was enough to enjoy sledding, snowmen and all the fun that comes with a heavier snowfall.

We have never been in Hayesville NC for the winter but it really is not much different then Cashiers NC when it comes to moisture even though we are 1 hour west and a 1000 "less" feet in elevation.


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