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Updated: May 6, 2020

So, we have stayed here for a few months now. It's February and we are getting the itch to move again. It might be because I have been looking through past pictures, lol... We know for this season we just need to stay here. We have dealt with moisture, mold, mildew, snow, wind, a ton of rain and little sunshine. The winter here is very different than summer here.

The people here are great and we have made new friends since we have been here. The library is great and had been a huge help with getting Faith through the first part of her school year. We were having problems with her memorizing words and starting reading. Hope has really taken off with school and has improved greatly with her artistic side. Kyle is reading tougher books now and I will have to step up my game in that department!

We still want to look for some land close to here, but are leaning towards, not here. It's just so rainy! We are thinking about North Georgia, that way we are close to here. We haven't decided if we are selling the time share here for the summer or keeping it for now. That will be a decision that we make later on.

We have started a new business while we have been here that is taking off a little slower than we would like, but we are learning patience and learning that God has his perfect time that he will let things be known. I have contemplated writing a book, sicking with photography or maybe combine the two. We will see what comes of that, maybe when we get out west, I can relax enough that things will just flow? I don't know! Kevin is still doing programming of course, it's what he loves! The kids want to start doing crafts, but I'm afraid that they will make them faster than they would sell, lol.... Those girls love to draw and paint. We have our t-shirt line too that we are adding to little by little. Those designs can be printed on pillows, mugs, shirts, etc. We've already ordered a couple off of it to check the quality and I couldn't be happier with them.

We wanted to give the RV fresh paint while we were here, but it's too humid to paint, it would never dry! We still have our dreams that we will get it done this year. And we are thinking and making plans for the holidays of 2019! That sounds so strange. There are so many places that we just cannot wait to see and we have come to the realization that we will not see them all this trip out west. We will have to plan again for next year I suppose, but again, we will all see in time what actually happens.

We are hoping to have our plans updated for next month here soon, and we will update you all at that time. We can't wait to start sharing the world with you guys again!! For now, here are a few pics of our time here. Beautiful ice covered mountain sides, brisk hikes in the cold, blood moon, and our only snow fall so far!

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