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Engelheim Vineyards

Oh my! There are not enough nice things to say about Engelheim Vineyards! Gary, the owner was super nice and accommodating. As a harvest host, he allows people to stay at the vineyard for free while promoting his business. However, we are almost 60’ truck and trailer! Some of the places we have been are sketchy and we have trouble fitting in. We really tried with this vineyard, we are just so long it became a challenge. We met Gary and he said he saw us pulling in and knew we would have trouble parking, so he took Kevin back to his house and the barn while I stayed with the kids.

Kevin came back and said he had the perfect spot for us and we were just short enough, if we could make the next turn. Gary said that semis can’t make that turn and he put a rock there because many RV’s have fallen in the ditch. Really? OK, well, let’s give it a try, right? It’s only our home, lol! But, Kevin did great! He made the turn and we got to our spot next to the house and the barn, overlooking the beautiful vineyard.

After we got settled, we walked to the winery and met some really nice people. I believe that God puts people in our path for a reason and we definitely met some amazing people that evening. The ladies behind the bar doing the tastings, to the people we met while sitting enjoying the wine! I almost wish we would have stayed long enough to give them our card and let them follow our travels, but maybe next time. Yes, the wine was that wonderful.

We met a gentleman named Rich that helped us with a lot of info about Maine and a bunch of other things as well. We will probably even use him when we visit Montana! He had a dog named Ranger, which was sweet, but had a bad reaction to kids at one point, so where did our kids decide to sit? Next to them! But the kids did great and moved slow and were super well behaved. We are so proud of them. They can talk to strangers, but at the same time, sit super still and only talk when spoken to. This full time Rv-ing thing has been such a learning experience for us all, but the kids have grown the most from it for sure!

We would definitely recommend Engelheim Vineyards for an overnight stop, or even just a stop to try the wine if you’re in the area. If you are not a Harvest Host member for overnight stays, I’ll include our link below so you can join!

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