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Cardinal Ridge RV & B

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We made our reservations way back in September for the eclipse. We had no idea that it would be that popular, but we had just signed the papers for our new home on wheels and the next day, we made our reservations, we hadn’t even picked up our RV yet.

About two months before our trip I looked up the address to plan our trip, because we would never really make it in a day pulling the trailer. Who were we kidding, we would hardly make it in three days! When I looked up the address I saw those two words….Adult Only! I panicked, I called Kevin, make sure that they will still take us. Did you really make reservations at an adult only park for us? Wait, what? Honey, calm down. I’ll call them today. He called, and yes, they are adult only now, however, they will honor our reservations for the eclipse.  They had an issue over Memorial Day weekend that forced them to go to adult only. Very sad that parents don’t keep an eye on their kids and ruin it for everyone else.

We knew we had a big hill to go up and we needed a 4 x 4 to get up it with our 37’ trailer. We arrived,and the driveway wasn’t bad. I thought, OK, we got this. Kenny (the owner) took Kevin and Sean up to see the site and tell them how to get up the next hill, yes, you heard that right, the next hill. I thought the driveway was bad enough. No, problem Kevin said, just sit back and let me see my mirrors. OK, no problem. He went up the next hill, it wasn’t as bad as I thought and it was almost fun. I love taking the trailer off road!

We got to our site and set up, it was beautiful there! They had small hiking trails on their property that we could walk around all day. They also had a lovely gazebo, chickens, fawns, ballerina geese, wild turkeys and deer that came down off the mountain each evening for feeding. They have a little trail called the enchanted forest that the girls just died for, we had to walk it every night to see if we could see the fairies (the fireflies!).

We visited a little brewery called the Lazy Hiker in Franklin, NC and met a guy there named Dave. We had a nice conversation with him while tasting the many beers that they had. It was an awesome place and we will be back again there was well. Counting down the days that we get to go back. Hopefully by then the new Ingles will be open, it was a little closer than the one we went to. We will also have to try some of the restaurants in town. The big plus side is that we know the area pretty good since we usually go to Highlands and Cashiers, which are just a short drive to Franklin.

Kathy (the other owner, wife of Kenny) was super sweet and made us feel like family, just like Kenny. They have cars there that Sean fell in love with. Kenny took the time to explain the cars to us all, and Sean loved them all. He definitely has a mechanic side to him and loves the area too.

They have around 7 sites and I think they had around 13 RV’s for the eclipse. Some were boondocking, some got electric. It was really neat to see everyone there. Kathy scheduled an Eclipse party to watch it on Monday. Everyone brought a dish to share, there was some awesome buffalo dip (we need the recipe if you’re reading this), cornbread casserole (Kathy, we need your recipe too), and some other yummy food. Also, Uncle Turkey Bird, we need some of your recipes. He does National BBQ competitions and brought some awesome sausage!

The kids took to a few people there just like family. Kathy and Kenny made us feel like family and Turk and Connie allowed us to visit and do laundry on their front porch. We met Mr. Cooper, a very excited collie who loved kids, especially ours. We also met some cocker spaniels, Cookie and Ginger who loved us as well. There were a pair of Burmese mountain dogs with another shepherd. Diesel did really well, he had his own little yard and we had plenty of privacy.

We were so sad to leave, we made some great friends, and know that we will never find a place like this again. If you are ever in the Franklin, NC area please go and see Cardinal Ridge RV & B and tell them Kevin and Melissa Dobson sent you. They are really a super couple and make you feel like family.

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