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Boondocking in Alden, Iowa

So this trip out boondocking we decided to use our BoonDockers Welcome account to stay with someone on their property in Alden, Iowa instead of our normal Winery visits. Also, new this trip out we decided to go full blown solar instead of having to use our generator for our fridge as we have in the past. When we arrived we parked next to the couples Class A RV and there was a beautiful breeze so we opened all the windows in the RV and it was truly like have a great air conditioner. The fridge and many of our devices in the RV ran solely on solar and they did not touch the battery bank until about 6pm that evening. Even after 6pm the hit to the battery bank was low and we even watched TV that night for over an hour before we went to bed and the batteries were still full in the morning.

I guess we really never gave the setup a chance to see what it would really do and it worked exactly as we designed it, even better, there was NO generator noise, no gas used and it was a beautifully silent evening. It was a great stop over for the night. Our host was very accommodating and there was plenty of room for our RV and Truck (we total 59'). The host told us about the rivers nearby for our paddle boards and some good restaurants! If we are ever in the area again we would definitely stop by here again!

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