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Boondocking at Lake Panasoffkee

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I would call the week we stayed here very much of a success! After all we boondocked for a week, with nothing but solar! We can last about 8 days on our black tank, and we went through 53 gallons of water in the week we were there! Our grey tanks hold 75 gallons together. I am very proud of the way we made it work, I also very much miss the peace and quiet that came with being out in the middle of nowhere.

There is not much to write about for this week, as we really just used it to catch up on work, school, cleaning and stuff like that. We did get to use our nerf guns, play puzzles and games and it got quite cold some nights. We were so happy that the furnace worked with the solar. On the weekends there were a bunch of horses that joined us, which was neat and the dogs didn't really mind them, so that was even better. The peacefulness at night was amazing and I am sure we will be back!


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