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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We absolutely LOVE to boondock. What is boondocking, well its mostly dry camping meaning no electric, water OR sewer hookups. Why would you want to do that you might ask? Because we can...since our solar install we have been trying to stay out of the typical campgrounds and out on Land Management and Wildlife Management areas as well as using our Boondocking subscription. This subscription is such a wonderful little gem that has put us in touch with SO MANY awesome people out there who offer up their land, property, etc...for typically 1 - 4 nights for free . This in and of itself is incredible but the friends we have made and the knowledge we have gained through these experiences is INVALUABLE. Most of the users here are RVers themselves who love to travel.

We stayed at a Solar Farm in Florida and had a wonderful time there. The farm was so peaceful and quite you could hear only bull frogs from the pond at night. Our hosts Bill and Deb were such a pleasure to meet and chat with. We stayed with them over the course of 4 days and got to talk with them about their farm. Bill runs the entire farm, including his home off of solar.

He also built a wood fire water heater which doubled as the heating system for the homes HVAC system. Just absolutely incredible to see and experience. There are a few state parks in the area and we visited two of them, Oleno State Park and Gilchrist Springs State Park. We enjoyed soaking up the sun with our solar, when we could, and overall just taking some time to relax and let the dogs run. We loved every minute of our time there and cannot wait to visit with them again in the future.

We went to Big Mike's Rv Ranch in Homerville, Georgia and we have stayed with Big Mike before during our trip in January of 2017. We loved the fact that where the RV is parked, in the morning, the horses and donkeys literally are at your front door. All the animals are extremely friendly and wonderful to be around. This is what sets this place apart is the fact that you can get right out there with these beautiful and majestic animals. Big Mike and his wife Alice are always such a pleasure to talk to. In Homerville there are a few places to get food that are just out of this world! If you love seafood then Murphy's Seafood is where you want to be. If you want BBQ, Potato Salad, Chicken Salad, etc... then you need to visit Richards Meats and Seafood and if you want exceptional honey, then you need to visit the Honey Shack. We talk about these in another post. All in all, this is such a great place to visit, people of the town are extremely friendly, the food is great and the time spent there at Big Mikes RV Ranch, well, lets just say exceptional!

Passing through Georgia we stayed at a couples home where they had land where we could park our RV. We had originally asked to stay 2 nights with them however the weather on the day we were suppose to leave was bad so Ken and Anne, our hosts, asked if we would like to stay a little longer so we could wait out the storm. Of course this was so greatly appreciated and they even let us move our rig under their car port area of their Rv garage because the weather station was calling for hail. Ken and Anne are honestly two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Over the course of our time there we were able to spend some time talking with them and found out how much we really had in common with them. The kids thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them and before we even left their driveway were already asking when we would see them again. There is so much to do in their area between the historical sites and monuments, one of them being the Ancient Indian Mounds and the Warner Robins Air Force Museum, we just could not do everything before our time was up. We cannot wait to go back and visit with them again in the future.

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