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Blue Ridge KOA

I LOVE Blue Ridge, GA. I always have, you still get the bigger town feel but in the mountains. The KOA was beautiful and we will definitely be back. The TVA released the dam waters a couple of times while we were there and we got to experience the rising and the falling of the river water. We took the kids to Tipping Point Brewing and they had a ball. They played corn hole and listened to music and got special drinks for themselves. Jackson had a good time too, but maybe not as much as the girls.

The KOA has a playground that was really neat and Jackson climbed up there with the girls, no problem. We had to get his little kiddie pool out so he could cool off a bit the one day, my word it got warm, up to 64 degrees, LOL. We took the kids down to the river so they could put their feet in and they said it was super cold. I figured we could go back the next day to let them swim a little but they released the dam waters again and it was just too high and too fast.

While walking downtown, I spotted The Sweet Shoppe of the South, they have the best cupcakes and cookies, so of course we had to stop! All in all we can't wait to go back to this park and city!


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