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Anchor Down, Dandridge, TN

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We pulled into this amazing RV resort called Anchor Down, located in Dandridge, TN. It was beautiful there. Super friendly at check in and you get to pick your site. I opted for a wonderful view rather than the sites with the full fireplaces, we had a fire ring. Who cares? It was on a lake!

We stayed in site #21 and with all of our windows we felt like we were in another world. We arrived on a Tuesday and stayed two nights, we realized after that that we should have stayed longer. But, at $69 per night, longer wasn’t really in our budget. The weather was just cool enough to enjoy a fire each night we were there and the kids had a blast! We grilled hot dogs, had smores, sat by the warm fire and just relaxed.

The kids did awesome, the dog did great. Sean went and played basketball with Kyle, I took the dog for walks and we got to take the SUP boards on the lake. What a boat ramp though! I made us carry down the boards just so we didn’t have to back the truck down the ramp and drive it back up again. It was a scary hill for sure. Not really sure who would want to use that ramp, but with the boards, it was easier.

The kids did really well on the boards, it was something for them to get used to. However, the dog kept jumping off the board and into the water. We didn’t even know if he could swim at that point, so when he first jumped off, we were all relieved that he did swim. However (yes another however!), he kept jumping off and I decided that eventually he would get tired, so we were going to buy him a life jacket on our next trip to a store!

We visited Smokey Mountain Knife Works, the Lodge Store and tried to do the wine trail. We could only get 3 out of 6 stops because the rest was in Gatlinburg. Next time we will stay in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg to be closer to all of the restaurants and activities.

All in all, we would go back, but we said we needed the site next to us, it was a little bigger and it had a full fireplace :-)

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